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To whom invented boiled water (2019)


Water kettles, extension cords, water at the sight, broom. 

part of show "Shining Light on Memories" c. Johanne Christensen

Höggmyndagardurinn, Reykjavik

Patricia is showcasing a performance in Höggmyndagardurinn the 1st of December 2019. The performance starts with her sweeping the water away from the area, creating tension as the water might go to the electrical cords. The set up otherwise includes 15 water boilers all connected with cords, and they will heat up with water, while Patricia tries to heat up herself. In contrast the performance is set outside showcasing indoor objects. Patricia tells:


Domestic objects are something you connect with the comfort, and cosiness of your home. The water boilers you will find in every home here (Iceland), but not where I’m from (Mexico). You connect it with familiarity and heat, but for me it was a strange object when I first saw it.

Patricia performance MHR.jpeg

drawing. invitation for performance, dic. 2019 

Here we also see the cultural aspects of an object even though the act of heating water might be universal. The memory of being in a kitchen, sweeping and cleaning, and making tea or coffee is here being transformed into survival for the body. There is also the impressions and memories surrounding the steam as an Icelandic, natural phenomena. The performance also showcases movement and shift, both from different temperatures, homes and countries. It’s important to sense the piece with both sound, smell and visuality in its space.

text by guest curator Johanne Christensen.

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